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      Introduction: Zhongnan Pharmaceutical Machinery has produced the high quality products for over 40 years subsequently we have had a great influence in this Nation,with more than two third pharmaceutical machinery factories using our products. Other industries also used our products such as hospitals, chemical factories, biology manufaction factories, food processing factories, animal medicine factories, and pesticide factories,ect. Our present scope of supplying packaging machinery to other industry is expanding continually.

      Location: The headquarter of the factory is located in the new national high technology developing zone Changsha city, Hunan province, China.

      Production: Mr.hejianing is our General Manager responsible for production of our high quality equipment.Under his leadership our production technology progresses gradually using complete and precious production equipments and high quality assurance testing procedures and skills.

      Quality Assurance: Our factory has been granted ISO900l:2000. All products fully comply with GMP standard, which means different countries use our products such as:
        American,Canada,France,Japan,Russia,Corea,Italy,Malaysia,Germany France,Korea, Vietnam,and this branch of our company is increasing gradually.

      Diversity of Products: We produce more than 60 varieties of products,including single punch tablet press,multiple punch tablet press,pu erizer,and capsule stowing machine,capsule counting bottling machine,paste labeling machine, bottle washing machine and many more.

      More Information: If you would like to know more about our equipment with detail information please login on to our website.


      • ZhongNan Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory
      • No 506, Trade Building, Yingcai Garden, Hexi District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China
      • 410013
      • 0086-731-88906612
      • 86-731-88922395
      • Stella Luo (Exporter)
      • 0086-13975129977

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